L'Art de Monter a Chaval



Copperplate engravings

Amsterdam & Leipzig, 1759

Paper size: 14.25"  x 9 1/4"

From one of the seminal decorative eighteenth-century horse books.The Baron Eisenberg, a German horseman and artist, spent some of his youth at the stables of Saxe-Weimar before entering into the service of the Emperor. He then spent six years in Naples as the Master of Horse of the Viceroy before returning to Vienna where he studied under M. de Regenthal, the imperial Master of Horse. He participated in the coronation of the Emperor Charles V at Frankfurt in 1711, then spent some time in England, but was back in Germany before 1753. He probably died in Tuscany where he was Director and Master of the Horse at the Academy in Pisa

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