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$ 15,000.00
Jean Baptiste Louis Abbé Clouet (1730 - 1790) & Louis Joseph Mondhare
Carte d'Afrique divisée en ses principaux Etats… / La Africa dividida segun lo dila de sus principales partes…
Paris, 1788
Hand-colored copper plate engraving
Framed to Full Museum Specifications: 53
Surviving copies of this particular piece are very rare. Uncommon and decorative wall map of Africa, prepared by Clouet. Surrounded with superb decoration, including a wonderful rococo border with vignettes describing twenty scenes from African history and myth. Among them the first commercial contacts of Europeans with inhabitants of Guinea. Discovering and Christianization in the Congo, Siege of Tripoli, the foundation of Carthage, the defeat of Hannibal by Scipio Africanus and conquests by the Greeks, Romans, Vandals and Turks. Each has a short text in French and Spanish.