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Nouvelle Carte du Mexique

$ 28,000.00
Adrien Hubert Brue (1786-1832)
Nouvelle Carte du Mexique, Et D'une Partie de Provineces Unies De L'Amerique Centrale
Paris: 1834
Hand-colored copper-plate engraving
2 Sheets: 36 4/8” x 24 4/8”, Framed: 32 3/4” x 45”31”

BRUE, Adrien Hubert (1786-1832). Nouvelle Carte du Mexique, Et D'une Partie des Provinces Unies De L'Amerique Centrale, Dediée á l'Acadamie Royale des Sciences de l'Institute de France. Paris: Chez Ch. Picquet, 1834.

2 sheets joined (36 4/8 x 24 4/8 inches). Fine engraved map of Texas, Upper California and Mexico, with 2 insets and a key lower right, with original hand-colour in outline.

Provenance: with Altea (Massimo De Martini), London, 11/95; From the important cartographical library of Warren Heckrotte, his sale, Rare Cartography, Exploration and Voyages, Part II, December 3, 2015, Lot 105 (miscatalogued as being 1835 issue)

"A monumental map, much on the order of the Arrowsmith and Wyld maps of the period" (Wheat)

A magnificent map showing Texas as a province, Upper California and Mexico, and of importance for showing Jedediah Smith's journey to California and back in 1826.

"In fact, a most important map of 1834 - historically speaking - was that of A.H. Brué, also published posthumously by his widow. It was a map of Mexico, beautifully engraved, as were all the maps of this cartographer. It... carries many of the legends of the 1833 Brué map. On this map, however, a line has been added from the Lac Teguayo (Lac Salé) area south to the R. Adams, thence southwest past the Rock Salt Cavern to the Seeds-Keeder River, and finally across to San Diego, the line being labeled in the north 'Route de Smith en 1826' and farther south merely 'Route de Smith'... All but one of the names mentioned by Jedediah Smith in his letter dated October 11, 1827... are present on this map..." (Wheat 404)

The insets are:

Détails des environs De México et de la Vera-Cruz

Complement de la Carte donnant Le Yucatan et une partie des provinces unies de L'Amérique Centrale.

Brue was an important and prolific French cartographer, who for a time held the position of Geographe de Roi. His most significant achievement was his "Atlas Geographique, Historique, Politique et Administratif de la France" published between 1820 and 1828 and extending to 36 maps in a planned series of 48.