William Lizars

Daniel Lizars, Jr. and William Home Lizars (1788-1859)
From: A New and General Atlas of the World
Edinburgh: 1808-1812
Hand-colored engravings
(Size varies)

Daniel Lizars was an engraving and printer whom worked in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was succeeded by his sons Daniel Lizars, Jr. and William Home Lizars, whom published a large body of work between 1816 and 1859. The Lizars’ printing firms maps were close to the styles pioneered by the English map publishers John Cary, John Pinkerton and John Thomson, with whom they often worked. The Lizars also worked with the seminal American natural history artist John James Audubon. In 1826, Audubon commissioned the firm to produce his “Birds of America.” The Lizars were able to complete the first ten prints; however, before the colorists employed by the Lizars went on strike. Audubon went on to use the London firm of Robert Havell to complete his landmark publication.


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