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A Set of 32 Historically Important Pre-1906 Views of San Francisco

$ 8,500.00

The Albertype Co.
Souvenir of San Francisco
Set of 32 photogravures (includes original cover and title page)
San Francisco: Cunningham, Curtiss & Welch,
Each measures 11" x 12 ¾" framed
Sold as Complete Set

This set of 32 views give an overall feel for the bustling city of San Francisco very soon before the devastating earthquake and fire destroyed 80% of the city in 1906. The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 was struck the coast of Northern California at 5:12 A.M. on Wednesday, April 18, 1906. The earthquake and resulting fire are remembered as the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States. At the time of the disaster, San Francisco had been the ninth-largest city in the United States and the largest on the West Coast, with a population of about 410,000. Over a period of 60 years, the city had become the financial, trade and cultural center of the West; operated the busiest port on the West Coast; and was the “gateway to the Pacific,” through which growing US economic and military power was projected into the Pacific and Asia.