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American Classical Mahogany Sofa

$ 6,000.00
American Classical Mahogany Sofa
Philadelphia, Circa 1820
With gilt brass mounts, well-carved with cornucopiae, tablets and leaves
L. 67” W. 67” H. 36”
Good condition, re-upholstered and polished

This settee is a well-developed example of the classical style which developed n America from about 1820-1830. Sometimes known as “American Empire”, furniture from the period follows after the fashion of Europe in the early 19th century. The late Regency and George IV periods in England run concurrently and exhibit analogous designs. The sofa is constructed of dense mahogany and is inspired by Grecian models, carved with cornucopia and foliage in deep relief, all centering a shell-crested paneled tablet on the backrest. The gilt brass mounts, cast with gryphons, are a luxurious foil for the dark wood, and are an American version of similar ormolu mounts used in the design of Empire and Regency furniture in France and England respectively. The sofa has recently been re-upholstered in fabric inspired by the kind of horsehair cloth which would have been in widespread use in affluent households during the first half of the 19th century.