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Map of Tamalpias Heights - Mill Valley, CA

$ 12,000.00

Northwest Reality Company
Map of Tamalpias Heights - Mill Valley, CA
California: 1918
Linen Backed Cadastral Map


Original cadastral map of the newly forming community of mill valley, after the clearing of lumber. Dated 1918, this is the sales map for Tamalpias Height, by the realty company developing the property after harvest, surveyed and laid out with lot lines and shaded to determine whether sold.

This, the realty division of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad Company, was a spinoff created to develop lands owned by the railroad which were close to san francisco but rural in nature, not suburban as it is seen today and not limited by the rancho land boundaries common in this county which prevented most development until after 1950. Only small communities
occupy the valleys and small round tops in Marin County, based on this historic land use. The map is a community plan laid into the hills along the fall lines and existing logging roadbeds, creating a very dramatic terrain.

An upper middle class neighborhood today with views of San Francisco, Sausalito and Richardson Bay , the development was successful in its time and all lots were sold by 1920.

A genuine rarity, this is one of one and likely a lone surviving document of the development, coming from an heir of the company and their family storage which was within the dominion of the map.