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California & Nevada (1888)

$ 240.00

John B. Alden (1879-1908)

California & Nevada

From: Alden's Home Atlas of the World

New York: John B. Alden, Publisher., 1888

Hand-colored lithograph

Paper Dimensions: 11 x 14.25 in

 A detailed map of California and Nevada, including topographical details of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Featuring sections from the surrounding states of Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and the Mexican border. 

 The controversial, John B. Allen served as leader to the "Literary Revolution".  He sought to provide good literature for the masses at the lowest possible price, and sold it to them at prices below the cost of production. In order to obtain the capital for such an enterprise he formed a stock company and sold shares in it.

  He began his publishing activities in January 1879 with the Acme Edition of standard authors. He created convenient sized cloth-bound editions of well-known literature, as well as “revolutionary pamphlets”. Alden continued to provide low-cost literature material for the people throughout his publication career.