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Cary’s New Terrestrial Globe

$ 16,000.00

John and William Cary
‘Cary’s New Terrestrial Globe’
London: 1816
Hand-colored engraving on paper sphere, mounted on brass meridian,
with calendar ring on mahogany stand with tripod base
Height: 24”; Overall width: 15”;
Globe diameter: 12”
The terrestrial globe, or spherical map of the earth, is the only
true cartographic representation of the earth and possesses several
advantages over a flat map, more clearly representing distance and
directions. Although the earth is not in actuality a perfect sphere, as its
diameter is larger at the equator than at the poles, the deviation is
negligible at the scale of most globes.
John Cary, an engraver and seller of maps paired together with
his brother William, a specialist in scientific instruments, to become
the preeminent firm of globe makers in the early 19th century.
The Cary’s used excellent quality paper and printing techniques so
their globes often survive in excellent condition. This Regency period
globe was created by the Cary’s in 1816, and is mounted on an elegant
mahogany wood stand.