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Grand Parade of the Knights Templar

$ 4,500.00
E. Wyttenbach (on stone)
Grand Parade of the Knights Templar- Triennial Conclave, San Francisco, August 20 1883.
San Francisco, 1883: HS Crocker & Co.
16 5/16" x 22 15/16"

Parade down Montgomery Street past Victorian Gothic Masonic Temple, right, through temporary arch, continuing up Market Street past Grand and Palace Hotels to second larger temporary triumphal arch. Baldwin Hotel is in the distance, right side of Market Street. Large crowd watching, standing, on horseback or in carriages.

Stopped street cars, foreground. In Hoc Signo Vinces and insignia appears in the sky, upper center. See Cat. 220, which shows the same general area from the far side of the Market Street arch. 1883 was an especially active year for San Francisco Knights Templar materials. The California Pilgrimage of Boston Commaudery, Knights Templars [sic], Boston, Alfred Mudge, 1884, p. 194 ff., has a full description of the parade.