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Copperplate Engravings of Astrolabes Plate 12

$ 700.00
Antonio Francesco Lucini and Sir Robert Dudley
Copperplate Engravings of Astrolabes with volvelles or moveable parts
Plate 12
From: Arcano del mare: Impressione seconda....delle figure & instruzione a'librau per legarle
Also Known As (The Encyclopedia of the Sea) & (Secrets of the Sea)
Florence, 1645


Imagine a device that can do everything: Give you the time, your location, your horoscope, and even help you make decisions, all with the swipe of a hand. It's overpriced, customizable and comes with a variety of bells and whistles. No, this isn't the iPhone. It's the astrolabe, a remarkably versatile tool that was used for centuries in European and Islamic cultures.