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Palazzo Panfilio

$ 400.00

Giuseppe Agostino Vasi (1710-1782)

Palazzo Panfilio

From: Delle Magnificenze di Roma Antica e Moderne

Rome: 1747-1761; 10 Volumes; 1st Edition Folio

Copperplate Etching

Sheet Dimension: 12 x 16.25"

Giuseppe Vasi was a well-known engraver and architect. Born in Corleone, Sicily (1710-1782), he started as an engraver in the Calcografi a Camerale; the main public instution of Rome devoted to engraving and etching. He began working on his own selling view of grad tourist, as well as hosting workshops. Here his major pupil, Giovanni Batista Piranesi, would shape his technique as an engraver. Vasi’s works include a series of ten volumes including 240 engravings of Rome, and 15 tablet engravings of opera scenes. In his last years he was well known for his cartography and writings.