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Haemispherii Borealis Coeli et Terræ Sphærica Scenographia

$ 9,000.00

Andreas Cellarius (1596-1665)
Plate 25 – Haemispherii Borealis Coeli et Terræ Sphærica Scenographia
From: Atlas Coelestis seu Harmonia Macrocosmica
Amsterdam: Schenk and Valk, 1708
Hand-colored copperplate engraving
36 1/2” x 32" framed

In this plate, Cellarius continues to document the constellations of the Northern Hemisphere. It follows the idea of plate 24 in that it is documenting the Northern Hemisphere.

What is especially interesting about this plate and the other plates in the series depicting the constellations is that Cellarius depicted both the celestial globe and terrestrial globe in the same image. The celestial globe is seemingly this translucent sphere surrounding the Earth depicted below.

The terrestrial globe depicted in this plate is interesting in that it depicts the knowledge of the Earth at that time in history. One of the errors on this map specifically can be seen in how Asia and North America are connected. This is a pleasant reminder of the progression of human knowledge and a hopeful anecdote for the humanity’s future in understanding the world.

Another interesting point about this plate is that there is no engraver’s signature.