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Rosa Centifolia Mutabilis

$ 8,500.00

Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759 –1840)
Rosa Centifolia Mutabilis
From: Les Roses
Paris: circa 1820
Size: 20.5" x 24" x 1.75" framed
Hand colored stipple engraving

Pierre-Joseph Redouté’s Les Roses are perhaps his most celebrated images, which the artist issued while under the patronage of the Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon. These images demonstrate the flawless and pristine French style of botanical art that Redouté pioneered and brought to a pinnacle of quality.

Redouté is unquestionably the best-known botanical illustrator of any era. The decorative appeal of his original engravings has led to their modern reproduction, which in turn has popularized Redouté’s work in a way unique among botanical artists. Yet no reproduction can capture the great and subtle beauty of his original engravings from Les Roses. These magnificent engravings demonstrate the full mastery of his abilities, as the forms of the roses are set off dramatically by Redouté’s masterful and rich modulations of tone and hue.