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Tabletop Still Life by Paul Lacroix

$ 35,000.00

A Grand American Still Life Painting

Paul Lacroix (1827-1869)
Tabletop Still Life
Oil on canvas
Signed lower right
32" x 24"; 39 ½" x 31" framed

This grand still life, which depicts lush fruits displayed on a tabletop arranged with grape vines and a glass of wine, is by the artist Paul Lacroix. This tribute to abundance reflects the mid-19th century optimism and economic wealth of America. Educated Americans of this period were developing awareness and tastes for European works, such as late-17th century and early-18th century Dutch still-life paintings.
The prolific 19th century American painter, Severin Roesen, developed his own variation of still-life painting and had a large following for his work. Lacroix's and Roesen's careers overlapped in New York, and it is thought that Lacroix was the talent behind many of Roesen's paintings as differences in the artist's work are indiscernible in some cases. This is further supported by the fact that Lacroix's name is mentioned only after Roesen left New York for Pennsylvania.

Even though Lacrox's talent was as abundant as his subjects, much is unknown about the life of this artist. He was known to be of French/Swiss origin, immigrated to the United States in the late 1840s, and was active between 1858-1869. Sadly, current known works of Lacroix only account for a few short years, and his whereabouts after 1869 are not fully known. LaCroix exhibited at the National Academy of Design and the Brooklyn Art Association during his lifetime, and his works are currently in the collections of New Britain Museum of American Art, CT; Holyoke Museum, MA; Brooklyn Museum and Lyman Allyn Museum, CT.