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The Hooded Oriole

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John Cassin (1813-1869)
Plate 8, The Hooded Oriole
From: Illustrations of the Birds of California, Texas, Oregon, British and Russian America
Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott & Co., 1856
Paper dimensions: 10.5 x 7"
Framed dimensions: 12.75 x 21"

With text below image:
The hooded Oriole is a slender, medium-sized New World Oriole that lives in suburban areas of the Northwestern United States and breeds in open areas with palm and other trees throughout the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. The plumage of the male is mostly orange, with black bib, mask and wings with two white wingbars. That of the female is olive yellow on the head, rump and tail, with dull yellow underparts, grayish olive back, and dusky wings with white wingbars. They nest in tightly woven pouches attached to the underside of tree branches, and feed on insects, nectar and fruit.