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Washington Territory

$ 1,200.00

C. Roeser 

Washington Territory 

From: U.S. General Land Office

New York: Julius Bien, 1879


Sheet Dimension: 22 x 17 in.

On February 8, 1853, the Washington territory was formed and named to honor the United States’ first president, George Washington, though the state would not become official until November 11, 1889. During this gap the territory would expand and contract, including parts of modern day Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. By 1863, the current Eastern boundary would be represented by the Snake River and the 117th meridian.

Julius Bien, the lithographer received a number of awards and honors for his excellence in the field, including the opportunity to serve as the president of the National lithographers Association. Included are the divisions of townships, country seats, cities, towns, railroad limits, military reservations and Indian reservations.