Sander, Frederick

Reichenbachia: Orchids Illustrated and Described

Published by Frederick Sander (1847 - 1920)

Folio size antique lithographs of Orchids (Cattleya Bowringiana) from Frederick Sander's 'Reichenbachia, Orchids Iluustrated & Described' published in 1888-1894. This work is considered by many to be the pinnacle of all the orchid publications of the period. It was named after Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach (1824-1889), a prominent botanist, ornithologist & orchid fancier. Sander, a native of Ghent & founder of Messsrs Sanders of St. Albans, a large nursery firm, intended in this work to illustrate all classes of orchids, drawn life sized & colored by lithography or hand painted when found expedient. For the illustration of the work he engaged the services of Henry Moon (1857-1905).


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