Ackermann, Rudolph

Rudolph Ackermann (1764-1834)
 From: Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions, Manuafactures, and C.
London: 1809-1829
Woodcut engraving with Fabric Samples


Rudolph Ackermann got his start by establishing a print-shop and drawing-school in London. Shortly after that he set up a lithographic press and began a trade in prints. He later began to manufacture colors and thick carton paper for landscape and miniature painters. In 1809 he applied his press to the illustration Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions, which appeared monthly until 1829. Repository documented the changing classicism fashions in dress and furniture of the Regency. He also introduced the fashion of the once popular Literary Annuals, beginning in 1823 with Forget-Me-Not; and he published many illustrated volumes of topography and travel, including The Microcosm of London (3 volumes, 1808–1811), Westminster Abbey (2 volumes, 1812), The Rhine (1820) and The World in Miniature (43 volumes, 1821–6).


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