Shields, Henry

Henry Shields and James Meikle
From: Famous Clyde Yachts 1880-87
Glasgow and London: Oatts & Runciman, 1888
19 ¼" x 22 ¼" framed

This beautiful and historically important series of famous 19th century yachts depict scenes from the Clyde River area in Scotland. This area near Glasgow has been a famous area for yachting for over a century. Sporting activities, such as riding, shooting, fishing and yachting were becoming more popular in England at this time with the growing middle and upper classes. At the same time the process of chromolithography had been developed, producing colored prints that have the look and feel of a watercolor. These developments led to a number of sporting portfolios being produced in England at the end of the late 19th century. This particular notable series of yachting scenes is based off of watercolors by Henry Shields. The volume was arranged and written by James Meikle, whom wished to highlight the notable yachts of Clyde. Each illustration features a yacht, and Meikle accompanies each yacht scene with a thorough description of that vessel.


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