Vasi, Giuseppe

Giuseppe Vasi (1710 - 1782)

Illustrations from Vedute di Roma sul Tevere

Italy: c. 1724


Vasi was a famous engraver and architect in Italy. Born in Corleone Sicily in 1710, he started as an engraver in the main public institution of Rome, devoted to engravings and etchings - Calcografia Camerale.

After some time there, he began working on his own, often sellings views of grand tourist. Vasi also hosted workshops, where a young and prominent Giovanni Battista Piranesi, was his grand pupil. There Piranesi formed his technique as an engraver.

Vasi's works include a series of ten volumes including 240 engravings of Rome: Magnificenze di Roma antica e moderna, Vedute di Roma sul Tevere and 15 tablet engravings of opera scenes. Later on in his career, Vasi was well-known for his cartography and writings. 


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