Syndication Offering

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This letter invites you to participate in the distribution of a collection of 222 aquatints from John James Audubon's "Birds of America". It is a collection of absolute masterpieces; the finest to come on the market in over 50 years. They are in exceptional condition and exactly as John James Audubon intended for his original audience over 180 years ago.

This profound body of work was recently purchased directly from the descendants of John Vickers Painter, a world famous stamp collector and banker from Cleveland circa 1880.  His eye for the pinnacle of quality is clearly evident in this collection. All images have full margins (38 3/8 inches by 25 inches) and color as bright as the day it was applied. They are all from the first edition “double elephant folio” printed by Robert Havell Jr in London from 1827-1838.  Further they are printed on the exceedingly fine and rare Whatman "Turkey Mill" paper that was reserved for special commissions.

Each share in this distribution consists of 4 aquatints and is offered for $38,000. Each shareholder will draw a number from 1 to 55 to determine the order of selection in the first round. The first round of selection will go sequentially from 1 to 55 with each shareholder picking ONE acquaint. In the second round, the order of selection is reversed, 55 to 1, with each shareholder selecting THREE acquaints. The distribution will take place on Saturday, June 22, at 1 PM at Arader Galleries, 1016 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10075. Each shareholder can return their share for any reason for a full refund up to 90 days after the distribution.

In this distribution of 4 images per $38,000 share, the average price is $9500 per aquatint. This represents a compelling value for the quality of color, condition, and impression.

Some of the works in this sale include the Canada Goose $80000, Ruffed Grouse $75000, Ruby Throated Hummingbird $75000, Meadow Lark $75,000, White Headed Eagle $60,000, Broad-Winged Hawk $60,000, Eider Duck $58,000, Mockingbird $55000, Red Shouldered Hawk $50,000, American Robin $48,000, Spotted Grouse $48,000, Barred Owl $45000, Ferruginous Thrush $45000, Barn Owl $45000, Belted King Fisher $36,000, Carolina Turtle Dove $35,000, Raven $35,000, Cara Cara Eagle $35,000, Pinnated Grouse $35,000, Hooded Merganser $35,000, Tufted Auk $35,000, Yellow Billed Cuckoo $28,000, Baltimore Oriole $28,000.  A full list is enclosed.


We hope you will join in this exciting opportunity. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this wonderful collection we look forward to hearing from you. We hope you will visit the gallery to view these masterpieces in person as opportunities such as this to train your eye come along rarely.